Auto Mechanic Salary: An Overview

Auto mechanic salary is paid to the technician or mechanic for rendering vehicle repair services. These technicians prove invaluable to the community plying the roads daily and for important tasks. When mobility depends on you four-wheeler then this technician needs to be befriended! Their job involves being aware of the vehicle and determining the problem source in a correct and quick manner in case of a break down. Since years the job profile has continued to remain the same, though in recent years auto mechanic salary has gone up quite a lot, since most mechanics now need to work with more sophisticated equipment and for that they often need special training.  

Auto Mechanic Salary: Maintaining and Repairing Vehicles

Auto Mechanic SalaryTo earn a good auto mechanic salary, one needs to be familiar with the latest developments in the auto industry. Computers and electric systems are currently used in trucks, cars and a range of other vehicles. The technicians take the support of computers to find the performance of the vehicles. Manuals for running automobiles and repairing and maintaining them are computer based. Technology now makes it possible for the technicians addressing vehicle maintenance and up-keep to take their services a step further with automated and fully computed modules.

Besides this, the knowledge of the use of hand tools of the past is essential.  To ensure that vehicles parts and systems for fueling, belts, break systems, hoses, and plugs are fully functional the mechanic has to follow a specific checklist. Since the vehicles themselves are so complex, a few technicians attain specialization in repairing certain parts only like fixing up air conditioning systems, brakes, etc.

Auto Mechanic Salary: What does the job require?

The number of break downs is on the increase as there are more vehicles, which also travel for longer distances. Therefore the mechanics have to put in many hours of work including late evenings, holidays and weekends. Their task is not easy as they are prone to bruises, cuts, exposure to greasy parts, oily and dirty parts, burns etc. All this calls for expert handling and the Midas touch that only a professional can deliver.

Heavy tools and parts have to be lifted and for this the mechanics have to maintain good health. As per statistics of May 2008, $37,540 was the average auto mechanic salary per year. Approximately 763,700 mechanics were on job. They worked at selling supplies and parts of cars, repair shops or garages, gas stations, car rental companies, stores selling supplies etc.

Auto Mechanic SalaryAuto Mechanic Salary: Career prospects In The Future

While some mechanics work for other employers, around 15% have set up their own automobile business. As far as the future is concerned it is expected that by 2018 this occupation will tend to grow at a slower pace. But, those receiving certification, training, basic skills in electronics will not have any problem in getting good jobs and earning a decent auto mechanic salary. Steady jobs can be availed by those seriously considering this field. A range of jobs like mechanics for small engines, repairers of automotive bodies, can be availed at the best auto mechanic salary in the industry.