Auto Mechanic Salary Details

Auto mechanic salary depends on the amount of experience one has and the number of hours they get to work in a week.  Normally all auto mechanics are paid weekly, and the amount definitely vary week on week.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean wage for an auto mechanic is $18.36.  The cream layer of auto mechanics earn up to $28.65 and the range of auto mechanic salary would be between $12 and $22.  It all depends on the place of work and the time they get to put in to work.The wages of an auto mechanic are dependent on various factors.  A fresher opting for an auto mechanic job without any hands-on experience can earn $34,132 per annum.  As they don’t hold any experience, they would work closely with an expert on job and are under constant supervision.

Working as an auto mechanic

Auto Mechanic SalaryIf you are passionate about working around automobiles and fixing the engine operated systems, then auto mechanic job is the right pick.  With the increase in technology and with new brands coming into the market the mechanism of an automobile has also changed over the years.  On an average an auto mechanic gets to work for about 40 hours a work with just a day spared.  The common places of employment would be dealership stores, retail stores or tire stores.  Most of the mechanizing work is performed indoors, which is an enclosed area of the store.  There would be any air conditioning facilities because of the fire hazards it can cause with combusted areas.  The work is greasy and at the end of the day, everything on you will get dirty.

Educational qualification for an auto mechanic

On the brighter side, an auto mechanic is the one the customer would look up to for service.  It also provides a chance to educate oneself practically.  In earlier days, becoming an auto mechanic was easier as the senior in the trade would guide and in no time one would become an expert.  With the changing technology and with computers over-powering every industry, there is an exclusive certification program, A.S.E.  In some of the companies, employers look for ASE certified auto mechanics.  The salary offered to these certified mechanics is attractive too.

Auto mechanic salary variance

Auto Mechanic SalaryBasic knowledge on operating a car is however a requisite.  Auto mechanics with 2 to 5 years of experience can earn up to $43,572 a year.  They are required to have completed a certification program or a formal apprenticeship.  They would be able to perform repairs on their own.  An auto mechanic salary for those over 5 years of experience can earn $51,555.  They are usually chosen for supervisory roles.  These auto mechanics are offered jobs like hot cakes.  So like most careers, the more experience one has in this industry, the more demand they have in the market.  Although the salary isn’t quite promising to start, gradually it is easy to reach the top mark in the auto mechanic salary bracket.